Innovative Solutions


Membership in your association has its Advantages

2 Great ways to partner with National Health & Wellness to bring in 2 unique and valuable programs for your members and their employees and generate non-dues revenue.

Membership Advantage Plan
For businesses or individuals with little or no benefits/health Insurance
Membership Wellness Plan
For larger businesses that offer full benefit/health Insurance
Consult a Doctor for $0 unlimited times for entire family Robust Wellness Plan
Save 15% - 60% at Dentist Ability for employees to build full benefit package
Discounts on vision Employers save approx. $500 per year for participating employees
Discounts on Labs & X-Rays/RX Plan and benefits are 100% funded by Wellness Tax Incentives
Plans cost just $19.95 per month
Associations Bring in monthly Non-Dues revenue
Associations bring in monthly Non-Dues Revenue based on usage

The NHW Difference.

Revolutionizing Employee Benefits