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Employers strive to offer the best benefits package for their employees while working within a budget. Unfortunately, even the most comprehensive benefits packages still have areas that leave employees responsible for expenses not covered by health insurance. The indirect cost of an illness or injury are not thought of until they become a reality. Nobody knows when the unexpected will happen, but you can help your employees be prepared when the unexpected does happen, providing them the financial wellness and peace of mind they deserve.

NHW helps businesses attract & retain top talent in today’s increasingly competitive market without adding any expense to the company’s bottom line. Employers can provide their employees the opportunity for financial wellness and peace of mind, creating a Happier & Healthier employee!

GAP Insurance:
 Covers all or part of employee’s medical deductible and co-pays.

Accident Insurance: Helps employees cover unexpected out-of-pocket medical expenses relating to an accidental injury, such as deductibles, copays, and household expenses.

Critical Illness Insurance: Allows employees to focus on their recovery by providing a lump sum benefit to help pay the direct & indirect costs related to a covered critical illness like heart attacks, cancer, stroke and more. Cancer Insurance: Benefits paid for Chemotherapy, surgery, hospitalization and more.

Hospitalization & ICU Insurance: Provides coverage to help supplement the gaps in today’s high deductible medical plans

Disability Insurance: Helps replace part of employee’s income if they are unable to work because of a covered injury or illness whether on or off the job..

Life Insurance: Whole Life, Universal Life and Term Life Insurance provides lump sum benefit for when families need it most.

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